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The Element of Surprise - original mixed media portrait

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"The Element of Surprise"

Do you ever go for a Sunday drive with no destination in mind? Or played the NZ famous Getting Lost card game? Sometimes - like if you're heading to an important appointment or on the way to work - it's important to know where you're going. Other times, the freedom of driving/spending time together/finding somewhere new is incredibly rewarding. 

Likewise, some paintings start with a destination in mind. Others - like this one - are born from curiosity and experimentation. 

I'm currently reading a book called Wild Rituals. Among chapters about Greeting Rituals, Spoken Rituals and Grieving Rituals, is a fabulous chapter on Play Rituals. 'Play' is described as a way to ignite innovation and exploration. To promote risk taking and a flexible mindset for problem solving. The author - Caitlin O'Connell - argues play is essential for survival.

I can see that 'art play' is no different - perhaps not essential to survival itself, but certainly to survival as an artist. Without play - with different surfaces, mediums, colours, techniques, subject matters etc - can you imagine how stale and boring art would become - both to the maker and the viewer? How the work would never evolve and breakthroughs would never happen?

This artwork is the love child of play. The spontaneity and joy of having fun are apparent in the exuberant brushstrokes and gestural pencil marks. A rainbow of colour combines with a shimmer of gold to ensure the portrait artwork brings sunshine into the room. 

About the Art

This A3 original mixed media artwork on 300gsm watercolour card, is a combination of watercolour, coloured pencils and gold ink -  each medium is used only as much as necessary, some very delicately.


The work measures 29.5cm x 41.5cm - mounted on a piece of waterclour card measuring 39cm x 49cm.

Sold unframed - though framing as shown may be available for local collectors.


Watercolour paper, coloured pencils, watercolour paint and gold ink


A3, 29.5cm wide by 41.5cm tall


$Free in NZ, $40 to Australia, $50 to the rest of the world

Note: Free NZ shipping on original paintings :)