43 lessons from 43 laps of the sun

43 lessons from 43 laps of the sun

Dear Art Lover,

43 times around the sun equals approximately 40 billion kilometers! 😲 If you weren't learning something during that sort of circumnavigation, you're missing out!

For my inaugural blog post, a list of life lessons seemed a good place to start. On the surface, there might not be much 'art' in this list, but almost all of it has to come before the art.

So in no particular order here's my list:

43 things life has taught me

  1. Getting to have the birthday is the gift
  2. Be grateful
  3. The little things are the big things
  4. Good food is good fuel
  5. Exercise gives not takes
  6. Why not you?
  7. Yes, you can
  8. Sleep is golden
  9. Meditation is revelation
  10. A paintbrush can’t change the world
  11. But the person holding it can
  12. Life is easier without alcohol
  13. It’s not too late
  14. You can teach an old dog new tricks
  15. Dream - bigger
  16. Stop trying to fit in
  17. Know for yourself before you judge
  18. Judge less
  19. Quirky > conformation
  20. Giving is receiving
  21. People are too busy worrying about their own flaws to worry about yours
  22. Change is good
  23. Be confident enough to fail
  24. Unplug
  25. It will pass
  26. You can’t always see the struggle
  27. Vulnerability > perfection
  28. Go to bed earlier
  29. If you have to force it, it’s not ready
  30. Put your hand up
  31. Walking is the best therapy
  32. Sun tan lotion
  33. You’re not for everyone - and that's good
  34. There’s no place like home
  35. Someone already has
  36. You don’t have to go to the party
  37. There’s beauty everywhere
  38. Compromise more
  39. Back yourself
  40. Feel
  41. Anticipation can be sweeter than the having
  42. Live in the now
  43. But what if it does work out?

If you were writing a letter to your 20-year-old self, what would you add?

x Mel

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I’d add to list-
Don’t be so self conscious


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