The 'B' Exhibition

Lynn and Mel hosted their joint exhibition at Invercargill's Art Attic - a boutique community gallery space upstairs on Tay Street (above Ivan Bulling Furniture). Opening night was Friday 28 July with heaps of beautiful friends, family and art lovers gathered for the event. The mulled wine and spiced apple was a hit on a cold Southland night, and lovely red dots accumulated through the evening. We're still buzzing from the occasion!

The Artists

Mel McKenzie (The Penny Drops) and Lynn Brocherie Millar collated a mesmerising show full of magical blurred lights and intricate sepia-toned pieces. We reflected a lot on how our work harks back to the healing power of nature (forest bathing/shinrin-yoku). [I've previously written in my blog about the power of awe and wonder in wellbeing.]

We encouraged you to get up close to the details of our work, then sit back and allow the enchantment of the moment captured in each piece to infuse you with a restorative sense of stillness. 

Just Be.

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