Blurry Lights: Bokeh paintings & prints

Freedom. Surrender. Softness.

New Zealand artist Mel McKenzie - aka The Penny Drops - paints a blurry, bokeh-ful way of (un)seeing.

Free from the nitty-gritty & complexity of life, these ‘bokeh' paintings guide you towards light & beauty.

Hang Mel's award-winning oil paintings & fine art prints on your walls:
Watch the light in your life grow as you soften your gaze.

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Fine art by New Zealand artist: The Penny Drops

Landscape Art

Landscape Art

Influenced by her Southern-locale, expansive skies and magical light feature strongly in... 

Portrait Art

Portrait Art

‘The eyes are the window to the soul’... and every portrait I... 

The Print Shop

The Print Shop

The Penny Drops' Print Shop welcomes an excusive new range of fine art prints.... 

"When life gives you overwhelm, The Penny Drops gives you bokeh"

'Bokeh' brings you the art of softening - of setting down the details and bathing in beauty.
These paintings help you embrace a bit of bokeh amongst your busy.

x Mel

  • Fine art prints of Dunedin, New Zealand: set of 4 bokeh prints St Clair, Harbour Views, Princes St


    4 bokeh prints of Dunedin, New Zealand - from St Clair at dawn to harbour views of the city at night

  • Four seasons fine art print set, great gift for gardener, flower lover, home decor: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter


    Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter - four botanical portraits featuring the seasonal flowers of Festival Farm

  • Invercargill, New Zealand fine art print set: water tower, Queen's Park, Esk St


    Set of 4 bokeh prints of Invercargill, New Zealand - stroll through Queen's Park and take in the city's lights

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"Gosh I just really love your work!"

"I love how you can get lost in it when visualising the referenced place, but also sit very happily with it in complete calm not being tied to the specific location."

Jade - Australia

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For when you're not 100% sure which piece of art they want - or want to make a contribution towards a larger piece... now you can give a The Penny Drops Gift Card!

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  • Absolutely stunning art!

    Beautifully presented,

    the whole product was just stunning!

    Extremely happy with my purchase!

    100% recommend buying from

    The Penny Drops.


  • An outstanding experience

    My painting was packaged extremely well and arrived very quickly!

    But most of all the painting made me happy - it was beautiful and the quality was amazing.

    I will be back.


  • A piece I will treasure

    Mel is very talented and a true pleasure to deal with, very prompt in response and delivery.

    I absolutely love the piece, it is beautiful and Mel's technique is very clever.

    Thank you! Absolutely recommend purchasing from Mel without hesitation.


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Baskets for plants, flowers, harvesting, foraging, guest bathrooms, craft supplies, hampers, gifting, baking and more... delicious textures & all the soothing tones of nature.

The Penny Drops' rustic coiled rope baskets feature wild-sourced handles, warm tones and chunky cotton rope.

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