Hey Mum: you're a rock!

Hey Mum: you're a rock!

Have you ever likened your mum to a lump of rock? 

What if we added flying through space to the rock lump’s description? Now that sounds like fun.

And what if we gave that lump of rock mystical qualities, an unwavering presence, a gravitation force strong enough to shift oceans and captivating beauty? We could add in her ability to reflect light, to guide us through darkness and to inspire us in the pursuit of dreams and make her an aspirational destination.

I think she’s on board with the analogy now.

If you haven’t cottoned on yet, I’m likening mums to that rock of lump that orbits Earth, otherwise known as The Moon.

Mums who are a beacon of light and hope – guiding their children through life’s challenges. Mums who are steadfast and reliable in a world of constant change and uncertainty. Mums who shape the character and values of the next generation. Mums who nurture and comfort in the wee small hours of the night. Mums who inspire their children to strive for the impossible and reflect light and beauty at their child, raising their self-esteem and confidence.

Over the past few nights I’ve noticed a few people sharing photos of the moon – which has been particularly full and bright. Now I’m as inclined as anyone to get a bit starry eyed over a full moon – though it twinges in me a reminder of how we celebrate the moon during it’s fullest and brightest, but barely glance at it during the other phases.
Unnoticed, unappreciated, taken for granted. 😕

Luckily for the moon, it’s full once a month and for a few days, either side of its fullest, we marvel, photograph, write poetry, make art and admire it. It doesn’t have to wait too long before it’s full again and we’re back in appreciation mode.

How often do we stop and admire our mums?

Once a year.

Mother’s Day.

To honour our mums just once a year barely seems enough. If your mum is as amazing as The Moon, some small gestures to show your gratitude throughout the year could include:

  • Send her some snail mail – a note to say thanks or a recollection of a shared memory
  • Prepare a meal for her
  • Pick her some flowers
  • Book a joint experience – something pampering or adventurous
  • Help her out with something younger people are better suited to – whether it’s a physically challenging home maintenance task or getting to grips with new technology

Another option is to acknowledge all those nights she was a rock in our sky by giving her the gift of A Night Off. It’s payback time:

Thanks for the nights she rocked you to sleep.
Thanks for the nights she cooled your fevered brow.
Thanks for the nights she soothed your worries and fears, and for the nights she worried over you.
Thanks for the nights she carried you to bed when you’d already fallen asleep, and for the nights you couldn’t sleep so she sat with you.
Thanks for the nights she read you bedtime stories, and the nights she brought you “one more” drink of water.
Thanks for the nights she prayed with you, dreamed with you or listened to you.

Mum’s Night Off is a giftbox curated - and created - by Southland Mums to give the gift of a Night Off to your mum. A beautiful pair of Liberty Project earrings, a lovingly made Drifted ceramic dish and a fine art print of a Penny Drops' Night Out. Beautifully presented, with a few other treats included – this is a heartfelt and memorable Mother’s Day gift.

Mother's day gift box

I'm lucky enough to have my mum with me this Mother's Day, though I know it's not possible for everyone, and want to acknowledge those of you for whom  being together isn't possible, no matter how hard desperately would love it to happen. However you celebrate, remember and/or acknowledge your mum or mother-figure/s, I wish you a special day.

x Mel

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