UNO rules: play it your way, so long as you all agree

The Art of Rule Breaking: UNO taught me this lesson

We spent a lot of the summer playing UNO in our caravan - in the camping grounds and the driveway at home! It had been a few years (read: decades) since I'd last played so when the kids gave me a rule refresher I went with it. It wasn't until 'Mr. Penny Drops' joined the game that this seemingly simple card game dished up a metaphor for a much larger lesson about 'rules'...

It wasn't long after we started playing that he declared a very different understanding of the 'rules'. Later one of our daughters had a trip away with friends and found their rules different again.

From skipping turns to stacking draw cards, we all have our own interpretation of how the game should be played. It would be obvious at this point to proclaim: "Rules are made to be broken!", but actually my takeaway has been "The rules are whatever you all agree them to be".

This Twitter-storm also springs to mind 🤭

Uno rules we can't agree on

Here's where I segue to an art hanging 'rule' I'm a bit of a stickler for 🤭: the height we hang art. Typically I stick with the 'Centre of the art should be at eye level' rule - and because we're all different heights, this is commonly advised to be between 57-60" / 145-152cm from the floor.

How high should you hang art?

I'll go so far as to declare this my #1 art hanging pet peeve: art hung 'too high'. Admittedly I've visited a few homes and have been a bit of a judgy-pants about how high the art is 🙊 - and no doubt those same people have been to mine and thought how low it is! 😝

Just as in the world of UNO where we adapt rules to suit our preferences, we all have our own approaches to decorating our homes. Some may prefer to hang art high, others low and some just right 😉.

And you know what? That's okay. As long as we're all happy with our own rules 🙌🏽.

So now you know mine, do you have a 'rule' for hanging art? 

x Mel

P.S. If you need a little more help with hanging your art, I've got this crazy-simple-good tool I call #hackthehang. See how it works here.

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