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Forest bokeh - fine art print

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'Bathing in it' - forest bathing bokeh art

Experience the serenity of the forest with this fine art print, a celebration of Mel's captivating bokeh style of art. This print immerses you in a tranquil world, where tree canopy filters sunlight, creating a phenomenon called Komorebi in Japan.

Printed on lush 300gsm paper, this print is reminder to find peace in the simple moments, and an invitation to bask in the beauty of nature's light. Available in 3 sizes, A4, A3 & A2, this artwork will infuse your space with the magic of Komorebi.

Key Features of this fine art print

An Invitation to Serenity: 'Bathing in it' is an invitation to serenity. It transports you to a world where dappled sunlight and nature's beauty co-exist in perfect harmony.

Uncompromising Quality: This art print, on 300gsm paper, ensures the light and canopy is vividly brought to life. The paper's subtle texture adds depth and richness to the artwork.

Matte Brilliance: The captivating matte finish not only reduces glare but also allows you to explore the intricacies of the scene without distraction.

Size Choices: Whether you choose A4, A3 or A2, this art print allows you to bring the magic of Komorebi into any space.

Natural partner: This print pairs beautifully with 'The Silent Retreat'. Use code 'SAVE20' to get 20% off any 2 or more The Penny Drops' prints.

Effortless Shipping: Smaller prints up to A4 square are shipped flat, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. A3 or larger prints are securely rolled and sent in a protective cardboard box.

The Penny Drops bokeh painting

'Bathing in it' invites you to slow down, to appreciate the dance of light and leaves, and to find solace in the beauty of nature. The bokeh-style painting transports you to a world where time stands still, where the world is bathed in the serene glow of Komorebi.

To bring this captivating piece into your home or workspace order today and let it serve as a daily reminder to find serenity in the ordinary. 

Framing your print/s

The prints are shipped unframed, but for your convenience, the sizes of this print have been carefully chosen to fit into off-the-shelf frames. 

If you have a different frame in mind, or require a different size for any reason, please contact me to arrange a custom order.



Subtly textured, heavy paper


25cm by 25cm or 48cm by 48cm


$Prints from: $NZ $2, Australia $4, Rest of World $4

Note: Free NZ shipping on original paintings :)