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Foveaux Strait - Water Bokeh on round canvas

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"Only the Strait Can Dance Like That"

Original bokeh oil painting

Light dances on the water, as waves rise and fall with the rhythm of Foveaux Strait. This round painting of bokeh on water gives the illusion of a ship's porthole; imagine yourself sailing away from your daily grind - the choice of whether it's a sub-tropical or sub-Antarctic cruise is yours.

This painting belongs to a series of Bokeh Paintings recently exhibited at the Art Attic Gallery as part of the 'B' Exhibition. The 'blurry light'/bokeh evokes a sense of wistful nostalgia. The soft focus gives the painting an air of abstraction and conveys a message of the ways light finds you through the darkness and the beauty of taking the focus off the 'sharp edges' and 'gritty details'.

About the painting

This is an original oil painting on a round canvas measuring 50cm in diameter. It is framed in a custom-made round frame - made to measure from aluminum and powder coated in white. The frame is 5cm deep.

Varnished with a satin varnish.




Oil paint, canvas, metal frame


Canvas: 50cm round. The frame is 5cm deep.


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