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Large bokeh oil painting

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Even on the Darkest Night

Stars shine their brightest on the darkest nights.

Even when we think we're surrounded by blackness and cannot see, beyond our eyes is a universe of light. The colours and silhouettes that await us beyond the darkness remind us not to fear the dark, but to believe light is always there.

Beauty exists in unexpected places, even in darkness. 

You are very welcome to view this painting in my studio by appointment. Please contact me to arrange.

About the Art

This large oil painting depicts the light of the night shining through stands of trees.

A large oil painting on stretched canvas - the sides of the painting are painted in a continuation of the scene.

The artwork is coated with a layer of varnish to give an even satin finish and comes ready to hang.


The painting is 91cm wide, 61cm tall and 3.5cm deep. 


Oil on canvas


91cm wide by 61cm tall by 3.5cm deep


$Original art ships free in NZ, Large originals $90 to AU, not available elsewhere

Note: Free NZ shipping on original paintings :)