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Moonrise Painting on Canvas

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Can you hear the gentle lap of water at your feet as it weaves through riverside grasses? Settling into its flow, the river swishes past. Easing its way toward the sea.

Casting your eyes little further upstream, the water dances over the edge of a small waterfall. Like fairy dust, droplets of water take flight, illuminated by the full, rising moon. 

Bathing in the silvery glow of the moon, your eyes become aware of the stars pricking the darkness. You stand absorbed; in awe of the majestic scene unfolding before you.

About the art

This original oil painting captures moonrise over an imagined watery landscape - rich jewel tones and gold, merge with a soothing palette of warm greys. A scattering of stars peek though the misty sky and the brushstrokes are fluid and exuberant.

Painted by New Zealand Artist Mel McKenzie (The Penny Drops) in 2022, the artwork is on a boxed canvas. Sealed with a satin varnish. 


46cm square by 3.5cm deep.


Oil on canvas


46cm square by 3.5cm deep


$Free in NZ, $40 to Australia, $50 to the rest of the world

Note: Free NZ shipping on original paintings :)