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'One in 4 - but which one?' - Original oil portrait painting

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'One in 4 - but which one?'

Look up "one in four women" in your preferred search engine: a whole host of 'statistics' will be provided, most of them not good reading - things relating to the number of us affected by domestic violence, cancers, depression, assaults etc.

It's a painting that tells a story of the experiences of women - struggles and challenges that are not always visible. One of these faces has a tear on her cheek, but perhaps her tear is empathetic, maybe it's one of her friends who's suffering? We'll never know.

This original oil painting is a powerful reminder to be kind as we may never know what our loved ones, and others around us, are really grappling with behind the 'face' they present to the world. 

About the art

4 faces stacked on a vertical canvas. Piercing stares, one face with a solitary tear rolling down her cheek. Hair is leafy and intertwining. This is an affecting artwork that hopes to start conversations and encourage empathy.


Oil on canvas




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