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The Way Home - Original round oil landscape painting

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The Way Home

Ripples sashay through the long pastoral grasses as a breath of wind sweeps across. High above the lush paddocks, clouds build and cavort across the expansive Southland skies.

The promise of rain prickles the back of your neck. The dancing grass - and the birds - show you the way home.

As it guides you home, this large round artwork serves as a portal for a grand show of nature to unfold upon your wall.

About the art

This round oil painting depicts a billowing cloud-filled sky and rolling green countryside view. There are details aplenty and a beautiful sense of movement.

This is an striking and memorable piece of original art by Southland-based, New Zealand artist Mel McKenzie. 


50cm diameter, 1.5cm deep


Oil on round canvas


50cm diameter, 1.5cm deep


$Free in NZ, $40 to Australia, $50 to the rest of the world

Note: Free NZ shipping on original paintings :)