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The Four Seasons: Set of 4 seasons botanical portrait prints

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The Four Seasons

The changing of seasons is a beautiful gift that reminds us that change is not only possible, it is inevitable and beautiful. From the falling leaves that wave summer goodbye, to the new life carried on a Spring breeze; the seasons mark the passage of time, bringing growth, rest and rebuild.

'The Four Seasons' is a set of 4 seasonal art prints that embrace the shifting seasons as they are reflected in the flowers that bloom throughout the year. The flowers painted in the hair of these portraits are the favourite blooms of a Southland flower farmer: Nic from Festival Farm.

The prints are based on original portraits by Mel McKenzie, a New Zealand artist, from The Penny Drops' studio.

They can be framed as a beautiful art print or - thanks to their thick paper weight - can be displayed freestanding. You could even display individually - perhaps rotating with the seasons?

A beautiful white box is optional - to present your gift or store the seasons you're not displaying.


The cards each measure 14.8cm by 14.8cm.


Heavy weight, matt finish cardstock


14.8cm by 14.8cm


$From NZ $2, Rest of World $4

Note: Free NZ shipping on original paintings :)