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The Secret Garden - Bokeh original oil painting on canvas

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"The Secret Garden"

Original bokeh oil painting 


The blurring of the view adds an air of secrecy to this garden painting. What is the soft focus concealing? What mysteries lie inside this painting? A further layer of meaning comes from the setting of this painting - the Winter Gardens of Queens Park. Enclosed within the walls of the Winter Garden are a range of tropical and flowering plants; as you enter the warm, humid environment your glasses and camera lens, cold from the outside air temperature, instantly fog.

What you see through them looks a little like this painting. 

This painting belongs to a series of Bokeh Paintings recently exhibited at the Art Attic Gallery as part of the 'B' Exhibition. The soft focus allows light to grow and gives the painting an air of abstraction and conveys a message of the ways light finds you through the darkness and the beauty of that softness, of taking the focus off the 'sharp edges' and 'gritty details'.

About the painting

This is an original oil painting on canvas measuring 15cm wide by 15cm tall. It is framed behind glass in a shadow-box frame.

The frame dimensions of the frame are 32.5cm x 32.5cm x 4.5cm deep.




Oil paint, canvas, frame


15cm square canvas in a 32.5cm square frame, 4.5cm deep


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