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Twilight Tango - bokeh fine art print

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'Twilight Tango' - a bokeh cityscape

Immerse yourself in an urban oasis with 'Twilight Tango'. This fine art print is inspired by an original artwork painted in a bokeh style. This unique piece invites you to explore a nocturnal cityscape; with the details blurred, it could be any city in the world, though locals will recognise Invercargill's Kelvin St.

The iconic H&J Smith's clock on the right and the towering Kelvin Hotel on the left overlook lights from traffic signals, cars, and buildings. The blurred perspective erases the grit and detail of the city, while celebrating its light and beauty.

Printed on 300gsm paper, this print is an escape into the city's vibrant heart and the hidden beauty of nightfall. Choose from two sizes, 25cm by 25cm or 48cm by 48cm to suit your living space.

Key Features of your fine art print

A Journey into the Night: 'Twilight Tango' is a journey into the heart of a city. It transports you to the energy and beauty of a street, where the city comes alive under the night sky.

Quality: printed on sturdy 300gsm paper, while ensuring colours and details are accurately and beautifully captured. The paper's subtle texture and matte finish adds depth and richness to the print.

Sizes: choose from 25cm by 25cm or 48cm by 48cm to suit your space.

Shipping: prints up to 25cm square are shipped flat, and larger 48cm square prints are securely rolled and sent in a protective cardboard box.

Framing your print/s

The prints are shipped unframed, but for your convenience, the sizes of this print have been carefully chosen to fit into off-the-shelf frames. You'll find frames to put these pieces straight into at Spotlight - they're good quality and well priced.

If you have a different frame in mind, or require a different size for any reason, please contact me to arrange a custom order.


Subtly textured, heavy paper


25cm by 25cm or 48cm by 48cm


$Prints from: $NZ $2, Australia $4, Rest of World $4

Note: Free NZ shipping on original paintings :)