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Water bokeh - fine art print

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'Strait Circles' - a bokeh seascape

Let the alluring dance of light and water captivate you; as waves rise and fall with the rhythm of Foveaux Strait, in this fine art reproduction of the original bokeh oil painting 'Strait Circles'. This mesmerising piece of art, on thick 300gsm paper, gives the illusion of looking through a ship's porthole as you sail away from your daily grind.

Available in two sizes, 25cm by 25cm or 48cm by 48cm, this print is more than a decoration; it's a portal to serenity, an emotional journey that deepens with every gaze.

Key Features of your fine art print

Evoke Serenity: The artful play of light and water in this print can be an emotional experience. Each glance will transport you across the wide ocean, soothing your soul and inspiring introspection.

Quality: this fine art print on thick, matte 300gsm paper has vivid, accurate colour with beautiful details. The subtle texture of the paper adds to its appeal.

Size Options: choose from 25cm by 25cm or the large 48cm by 48cm, ensuring your fine art print finds its perfect place in your home or office.

Natural partner: This print has a companion print from the same exhibition, pairing beautifully with 'Only the Strait Can Dance Like That'. Use code 'SAVE20' to get 20% off when you buy any 2 prints.

Shipping: smaller prints up to 25cm square arrive flat, while the larger 48cm square prints are carefully rolled and securely shipped in a protective cardboard box.

Framing your print/s

The prints are shipped unframed, but for your convenience, the sizes of this print have been carefully chosen to fit into off-the-shelf frames. You'll find frames to put these pieces straight into at Spotlight - they're good quality and well priced.

If you have a different frame in mind, or require a different size for any reason, please contact me to arrange a custom order.


Subtly textured, heavy paper


25cm by 25cm or 48cm by 48cm


$Prints from: $NZ $2, Australia $4, Rest of World $4

Note: Free NZ shipping on original paintings :)